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Stay Sharp Indoors This Winter

As temperatures drop and the days shorten, finding yourself nestled inside doesn't have to signal a seasonal slowdown. Winter presents the perfect opportunity to discover or re-ignite a hobby that [...]

Vitamin D is Vital in Winter

🌟💥 DON'T LET WINTER DULL YOUR SPARK! 💥 🌟 🌨️❄️ As the days get shorter and we're bundled up in layers, there's a silent thief among us - the Vitamin [...]

Maternal Childhood Health Nursing

Shoutout to all the fantastic maternal health nurses out there! Thank you for your hard work and compassionate care!   Our MCH Team cares for ages 0–18 years and postpartum [...]

Winter Slip and Fall Prevention

Winter is here, embracing us with its cozy nights and beautiful snowfall. Who doesn't love the view of a snow-covered neighborhood, right? But, as magical as it looks, it can [...]

History of the VNA: 2020 to now

So, let's raise a toast to our spectacular adventure!  🍾🥂 Here's to many more chapters of innovation, progress, and mutual success. To infinity and beyond! 🎇💫💥 2020-Now: Change and [...]

History of the VNA: 2000-2020

2000-2020: Evolution and Technology (part 3 of 4)  In 2018, the Walpole Area VNA merged with the Natick VNA to form the Natick Walpole VNA. Computers transformed how we [...]

History of the VNA: 1950-2000

1950-2000: Growth and Prosperity (part 2 of 4) WALPOLE: By 1953, the cost of visits was raised to $1.50. Two years later, the VNA would prove invaluable with inoculation [...]

History of the VNA: 1900-1950

1900-1950: The Beginning (part 1 of 4) WALPOLE: In 1909 the Walpole VNA was founded by Mrs. Charles Bird, and the first nurse was Miss Emma Newcomb. The charge [...]

Meet our New CEO!

The Natick Walpole VNA is excited to welcome Eileen Garvey as our new CEO. As our CFO for more than 20 years, Eileen will continue to bring her expertise and [...]

Happy Holidays

Did you know… that there are about 14 different holidays celebrated between November and January—all with beautiful meanings and traditions from special foods and drinks, to games, gifts, rituals and [...]

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