1900-1950: The Beginning (part 1 of 4)


In 1909 the Walpole VNA was founded by Mrs. Charles Bird, and the first nurse was Miss Emma Newcomb. The charge was $.25 per visit. It was not until 1913 that the town allocated set funds to fund the service officially.

The nurse traveled on foot and by bicycle. The Norfolk & Bristol railways were kind enough to grant free fare to the nurses to better serve the community. Decades later, it would evolve from house calls to inoculation efforts, baby and dental clinics.

In 1944 the Walpole VNA moved into historic Blackburn Hall, its first official dedicated office.


Started in 1899 by William Coolidge, Nellie Wilson, and James Macewen, Mr. Coolidge became greatly interested in the duties and assistance that could be offered by a trained nurse. Visits came at a cost of $.50.

Years later in 1914, the Natick Visting Nurse Association was officially incorporated under the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Multiple dental clinics were established, and finally in 1948, the Natick VNA was granted its first office, complete with furnishing and equipment provided by Leonard Morse.